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Tour đoàn: Ms. Thanh Thảo - 0922 222 538
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Củ Chi ngày 17/4/2015
21-05-2015 : 11:09:47

Dear Thanh,

First at all, we India team is very much thankful to you for the nice tour arrangements.

In behalf of entire India team, I would like to inform you that we have enjoyed a lot during the trip!

Especially we all had enjoyed a Indian lunch in terms of food and advance arrangement. When we reached restaurant, everything was already cooked and they served food fast to save time. It was very nice planning during dinner.

We have also enjoyed a lot during Cu Chi Tunnel visit. That was really amazing and we learn a lot about Vietnam past history.

Guide: Ms. Van was really very nice guide. She had a really in depth knowledge about each place and history of Vietnam. She had guided us very well. Her English grip was also excellent!

I would always recommend my friend to the name of your company, if anyone is coming to Vietnam.

Overall I will give rating in behalf of my team as an excellent (10 out of 10) !

Thank you so much for everything!